Driftwood Head

by Native Tongue

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released September 25, 2015

Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Tate Mercer at Forty-One Fifteen Studios in Nashville, TN



all rights reserved


Native Tongue Nashville, Tennessee

Spread throughout the Midwest, Native Tongue's unique blend of post-hardcore, ambient, and alternative rock is bound to draw the wandering ears of those on the everlasting journey for new music.

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Track Name: Rorschach
I've been busy throwing stones again
Aimed at my own head
And writing all my sins in sand
Mind adjusts to giving up slowly
My compass spun apart
This is body treading in ocean
With no land to swim for

I want to paint my mind
So someone else can see
the disease in me

But it comes out as Rorschach ink

The specks in me
Distorting all that I see
A splinter, a cataract that colors everything
I need a brighter light at my feet
To cut through
My clouded lens
And set my vision free

My brother's planks don't bother me;
My little specks are all I see

From far off it seems like a speck but in close to me all
My splinters are divining rods that lead me in circles

Your rose lens is sweet but it hurts my head to see through it
Track Name: Prism
Such an uneasy beast that we form
Once you leave your God outside of the door
As your mind tries to classify this
It infers that we're lovers, and nothing more
Split out your colors like a prism
Our different shades might disagree
I want to bottle up your ocean
See just the parts I want to see

You've invited in a wolf
Just to keep the cold away

It's skin on skin at arm's length
This tale concluded, yet it's still so fresh, so young
We're sharks bathed in bloody water
Assailed with scents but the body is long gone
Where are we going?

My arms are tired out
From building up new walls
Every time
We push each other's down
We tangle crooked spines
Then carefully pull apart
And reopen our eyes
I wanna hurt you when I leave
And I hate the way you've left your marks on everything around me

The sermon is absent
But the worship is strong
As she's baptized in light on my bed
For the fourth Sunday this month

But love is not for us
No, we're too dirty now
So this is best we've got
No we're too dirty now
Track Name: Gray
Truly free
You got your choices now
Cause God ain't got your limbs on strings
Scratch your itches till they bleed
Filling stomach, filling bed
Cut the roots from off your feet
Severed anchor, driftwood head

Vertigo from watching the world's axis spin underneath
See all your friends as spies
They're plotting your demise
You say the earth's dull and gray; I agree
Of course it's amorphous when you make it bow flat at your feet

A house
Built alone
Lets in all the rain
But at least it's shelter, feels safe
Grow to love your painting more
Than the muse it was inspired from
You've forgotten your first love
You forgot your native tongue

You'll never get your fill
And you don't even like the taste

And the suns always half down in your sky
Still hoping it's morning that gets birthed from the twilight
They say that to heaven's broad expanse
The entire sum of hell is but one grain of sand
Track Name: Paresthesia
History plays its favorite game, repeating
A cycle completing
It returns for me again
A fin in the water
It pulls me down, I don't resist
Cause it feels familiar

The door was open but I could not pass through
It's pins and needles when I move

Taste the saccharine pseudo sweet excuses
Let it numb your tongue to joy, to hate, to passion
My flint is dull my tinder's wet
My joints contractured
A pose that I can't break just yet
Because I fear the fractures

With paralytic mind and akasthasia head
A silent seizure and I die from exhaustion

My Lord was calling I was staring at my net
Birth is beckoning, I'm

Wishing I was diseased or asleep cause then
I could say I was unable at least I'm like a candle burning that has been left lit too long
My fuel is fading and I've burned out my wick
I've been sitting in the breakers too long
My body's finally used to the beating
I felt too moved without doin any moving
Glazed over eyes reflect light as the world passes by

The door was open but I could not pass through
It's pins and needles when I move

My Lord was calling I was gazing at my net
Birth is beckoning, I'm burying my dead
Track Name: Future Ghosts
I cannot shake that sound of footsteps
A noise that shakes my ground and echoes in my eardrum
I'm seeing different sets of footprints
And trying to follow with a phantom at my heels
Can't hear what future's trying to say to me
Because the past knows all my sins and when it speaks it screams

It always speaks, I always listen,
it splits my head, into divisions
And future ghosts, they blur my vision
I want to run away

In former days they were translucent
Now they're turning opaque and I can't see light through them

Its a biting wind in still rooms
Heavy sense of sin gives birth to sickly blooms
I'm tired of calculated steps
I want to run I want to sing I want to love recklessly again

I feel a great divide
Gaping like a wound
Between old blood and new love
And their pull tears me in two

I feel an empty space
It's weighing heavy and sits down in my chest
I feel prodigal at best

Its a biting wind in still rooms
Heavy sense of sin gives birth to sickly blooms
I'm tired of calculated steps
I want to run I want to sing I want to love recklessly again

I'm chasing future ghosts, what I could have been
Being chased by the ghosts of what I should have been
Track Name: Strange Light
Tell your despair, my friend, I'll tell you mine
I must've weighed it out a thousand times

I feel the twitching of my tongue
But words are caught somewhere between my lips and lungs

I've lost and found God so many times
The chase is all that is keeping me alive

Is this the way that things have always been?
Writing it off as just original sin

I can't wash the taste from off my tongue

You're finding out that it's much harder to sing
when you don't know if the words are what you really believe

My world's small and gray, my specks are all I see
The ghosts in my ear drown out the songs of birth that beckon to me

I'm like a well that has long run dry
You drop your bucket down to draw but you're just scraping the sides
And my throat has gone numb from screaming so long
They stopped listening years ago

Cough constriction from out your lungs

The light burns ya blind cause it's too bright to see
And they say "son just be grateful that it didn't consume your body"
Your fragile form is unworthy

I was told that the shepherd breaks the legs of his sheep
To protect them from the perils of their wandering
And it's hurting
Strange mercy

Now it feels like you're sinking in a sea of belief
But as you feel your bones snapping did you ever think
It can't be called love that's doing this to you